Kenneth R. Mackie


Hello! I am a graduating PhD in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University, and soon to be Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fitchburg State University. My primary research focuses on the dynamic politics of climate change policy, specifically the interplay between public attitudes and party position-taking. I am also active in research on state-level policy in substantive areas including election science and administration, education, federalism, and race/ethnicity politics. I am also very interested in the areas of political behavior, psychology, and communication, particularly in understanding polarization (affective & ideological) with hopes of uncovering ways to (1) overcome rising levels of polarization and/or (2) circumvent polarization to prevent gridlock on important policy areas and improve representation (more below)

My peer-reviewed work has been published or forthcoming in the journals (1) Publius: The Journal of Federalism (2) Polity, and (3) Educational Policy. As someone who deeply believes in the value of public scholarship, over the last six years I have had the honor of serving as a research fellow at the LeRoy Collins Institute, a nonpartisan policy organization which studies and promotes creative solutions to policy issues facing the people of Florida. I have contributed to the production of multiple technical reports on topics from charter schools to resegregation of public schools to local-state relations during COVID-19, and recently contributed to the 2020 Florida Election Report.


PhD (in progress), Political Science, Florida State University

MS, Political Science, Florida State University

MBA, Western Washington University

BA in Business Administration: Finance

Curriculum Vitae